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Helping create a world where all women can thrive!

Helping create a world where
all women can thrive!

Ambuja Wellness

I help moms get fit through realistic goal setting that fits into your life.

Ambuja is a sanskrit word meaning born from lotus or born of lotus, it is a feminine name and is tied to Goddess Lakshmi. Lakshmi meaning she who leads to one’s goal. 

I love the symbolism behind the lotus meaning enlightenment, self-regeneration and rebirth as this is the impact I wish to make with Ambuja Wellness.

I’m Liz, I am a mom and have always had a passion for health and physical fitness. I am a board-certified health coach, NBC-HWC and RYT 200, and in my most challenging times physical activity and self-care is what helped me stay true to myself and remain strong in the midst of it all. This is why I became a health coach; I truly want to help other moms reach their physical fitness desires throughout life’s journey and be the best we can be!

My motto is to create a space for you to feel heard, seen, and supported.


A Few Words From Our Clients ...

Liz helped me to reflect on my issue and to clarify in my mind what the real problem is by asking me good questions.
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Nasim P.

“Liz really helped me figure out an exercise and mindfulness schedule that worked for me and reminded me to focus on and take care of myself. I recommend her as a coach.”
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“Thanks for helping me Liz, I am really going through toughest phase of my life and it’s such a pleasure to see people like you who are willing to help me in these tough times”.
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-Ishu Gupta

Liz is an amazing health coach. In one session, she was able to help me create actionable steps toward my goals. I felt listened to and supported.
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Camille S.

“Now I know how to keep myself on track, whenever I got stuck with any problem, I remember these words “HOW ELSE WOULD YOU DESCRIBE THIS SITUATION? Or “HOW WILL YOU FEEL WHEN YOU GET PAST THIS?” These simple yet powerful words gave me the direction to think, feel, and act on the solution. All the credit goes to my health coach Liz from YOGAMEDCO. I won’t miss any of the sessions even if I wanted to; such is the power of health coaching sessions by Liz Della Sala. She always keeps her sessions simple yet powerful. Be truly honest with your coach and you will come to know about your deepest self. And then you can work on your personal growth endlessly as they say” AWARENESS IS HALF THE BATTLE”. And then I had Liz on my side to conquer those challenges. MAY GOD’S PROVIDENCE BE WITH HER.”

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-Gurdeep Singh

It was a great session with Liz. I definitely recommend her.
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Perry S.