How To Stop Having Mom Guilt & Start Living a Better Life

Published 01/18/2023,

by Liz Della Sala

Mom guilt is a self-reproach that a mother has when she feels like she’s not doing enough for her children or that she could have done something better. It’s a negative feeling of guilt associated with parenting and postpartum, often characterized by self-doubt about the decisions and actions taken.

It can affect any mother, whether working or stay-at-home. Some common feelings of mom guilt include regretting the time spent with your child, financial pressure of raising the child, failure to breastfeed, postpartum depression, and feeling like you’re not bonding well with your child. Overcoming mom’s guilt requires self-care and self-awareness. This blog will discuss mom guilt and how to overcome it effectively.

What causes mom guilt?

There are various reasons why we can feel mom guilt, ranging from unrealistic expectations for ourselves or our family to comparing ourselves to other mothers to struggling to balance work, parenting, and other commitments.

Not taking time for yourself or your own needs and interests may also lead to feelings of guilt. This may include not taking time for hobbies, spending time with family and friends, or self-care.

Finally, guilt may come from feeling guilty about not being perfect or not giving enough of yourself. It is essential to recognize mom guilt as an emotional experience rather than a guilt-inducing mindset.

By understanding the factors that can lead to mom guilt, we can better address these feelings and move forward with our lives with more clarity and purpose.

Recognizing signs of mom guilt

Guilt is a mental state of awareness of wrongdoing or fault guilt that may have occurred. It can result from the feeling that you have done something wrong or may be about to do so.

-But guilt is not always negative. It can accompany feelings of compassion, regret, and sorrow, in the case of guilt over mistakes or transgressions.

-Mom guilt is a term used to describe feelings of inadequacy and guilt associated with parenting. -A mother’s role as a caregiver often involves an overwhelming amount of responsibility and pressure, which can lead to feelings of guilt and inadequacy.

-Guilt often surfaces when your parenting style doesn’t match what you had in mind or societal expectations. You may judge yourself harshly for decisions and parenting style.

-You may experience feelings of overwhelm due to the daily demands of parenting. However, it would be best to recognize these feelings as signs that you are genuinely trying to provide your child with the best possible environment and care.

How to stop mom guilt

If you feel guilty about the way you’re parenting, it can be tough to stop mom guilt in its tracks. But the first step is acknowledging your responsibility and accepting it’s a normal part of motherhood.

Identifying the source of your guilt, such as unrealistic expectations or self-imposed pressure. Aim for balance and set realistic goals for yourself and your family. This will help you stay focused on your goals instead of letting mom guilt distract you from them.

Another step is practicing self-care and prioritizing activities that make you feel fulfilled and happy. This will help you refocus on the positive aspects of motherhood instead of the guilt. Finally, use positive affirmations for moms, which can help you identify and appreciate the good in every situation. Using these tips; you can stop mom guilt and embrace motherhood with open arms.

Examples of positive affirmations for moms

-I am a good mom

-I am exactly what my child/children need

-I deserve self-care

-I am doing my best as a mommy, and that is more than enough

-My child/children love me, just as I am

-I am enough, just as I am

-I am grateful for all I do as a mommy

-I will have self-compassion for myself

Final Thoughts

If you’re a mom, you’re probably guilty of feeling guilt and regret now and then. But guilt and regret can negatively impact your mental health and well-being, leading to feelings of inadequacy or self-loathing. Setting boundaries between work and home is essential to stop the cycle of guilt and shame. This means making decisions about work-life balance for yourself rather than letting others dictate this for you. Try prioritizing self-care by making time for yourself each day. Set reasonable goals so you feel motivated to stay on track, but don’t compare yourself to other moms or put too much pressure on yourself. Think positively and recognize your accomplishments as a mom. By embracing guilt-free parenting, you can start enjoying the fantastic job of being a mom without guilt or regret.

How can a health coach help me with mom guilt?

A health coach is a valuable resource for helping you identify the root causes of mom guilt. They can support you with implementing tools to manage and reduce stress and overwhelm, including prioritizing self-care and boundaries. A health coach can help you create a realistic plan for achieving a balanced life by guiding healthy lifestyle habits. They can help you set reasonable goals and establish healthy habits, such as regular exercise and eating well. Plus, they can provide support and encouragement as you work to overcome your mom’s guilt. A health coach is an excellent partner in your quest to live a more balanced life, no matter the circumstances.

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